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Other Expense in Peking University

1. Application fee:

800 RMB in cash, by Yinlian bank card or through online payment. Any other currency or travel check would not be accepted. This fee is not refundable.

2. Insurance fee:

All International Students must be medically insured throughout their entire planned period of study. The health plan purchased by the students must at least provide medical coverage for Accidental Injuries and Hospitalization. Recipients of the Chinese Government Scholarship will have their health plan prepared/purchased by the government; other students must purchase their own insurance.

Students may purchase their health plan before or after their arrival in China. Please inquire from your insurance company the details regarding the insurance claim procedures and the phone number of your insurance’s emergency call center.

All students who purchased their insurance from a foreign insurance company are required to submit a copy of their health plan and a Medical Insurance Certificate Form to the Division of International Students Office on the day of registration. Please note that your Medical Insurance Certificate must be written in either English or Chinese language.

Students who are not medically insured and/ failed to provide the university with the required supporting insurance documents are not allowed to register.

3. Accommodation:

International Students may live on campus at the Shao Yuan Student Dormitory or Zhongguanyuan Global Village. Students who live on campus must abide by the rules and regulations of their residence. International Students who extended their duration of study will not be provided with on-campus housing arrangements.

Students may also choose to live off campus under the condition that they must register themselves at the police station of their residential area and obtain Accommodation Certificate from the local police station. If you are living off campus, do ensure that your rental contract with you landlord is legitimate and reliable.

Students who changed their address and contact information while they are studying at Peking University must inform the Division for International Students Office of their new and recent address, telephone number and email. It is important for the Division for International Students’ Office to be able to contact its students because it often sends out important notifications to them. The Division of International Students’ Office maintains a strict policy of keeping all contact information confidential.

The Division of International Students’ Office also provides students with information regarding off-campus housing. Please consult the staff at the office if you wish for such assistance.

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